Westmoreland County Land Bank

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The Land Bank's mission is to reposition properties onto the active tax roll and deter the spread of blight by ensuring they are repurposed responsibly. Therefore, all proposals for Land Bank-owned properties must include a qualified reuse plan. 

At the Westmoreland County Land Bank (WCLB), you aren’t just a client - we see you as a partner in our mission to create healthy and whole communities throughout Westmoreland County by eradicating blight and its influences. With that in mind, it’s important to remember that the WCLB isn’t just selling properties; we are also invested in ensuring the properties we sell do not end up contributing to continued and further blighting of the neighborhoods in which they reside. Completing and remitting a signed property purchase application to the WCLB indicates that you (the prospective purchaser) have read this document in full.